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MLS Week 4 2023 Sportsbook Picks

Thank you for checking another edition of my i80 Sports MLS Sportsbook article. We are back in the green after two tough weeks working off that week 1 calamity. Here is a quick recap of last week's picks. Remember, here at i80 Sports I post my accountability each and every week.

Now let's get into some week 4 predictions!


Match- New York City FC host DC United
Pick- NYCFC -155

NYCFC will have a huge home field advantage as long as they are playing in their too-small non-specific stadium, and this week they face a banged up DC United side. New York City pulled off a win at home against a tough Miami team last week, and this week they face an easier opponent in DC United.

DC United this season has shown a mixed bag- a win in their opener, a loss in their second, and a draw last week. NYCFC is the biggest test they will have faced yet, and I fully expect them to crumble under the pressure.

Key to the Match-

DC is still without Taxiarchis Fountas, who did a majority of their scoring last season. They did add Christian Benteke, who has flashed but missed the net way too often early this season. So far in 2023 he has one goal on 10 shots, only 2 of which landed on goal.

DC United is better than their wooden-spoon caliber team from 2023, but Wayne Rooney is still far from assembling a squad that can compete week in and week out, especially in sub-optimal conditions like the Bronx has to offer.

Match- New York Red Bulls hosts Columbus Crew
Pick- RBNY -120

At some point, if I keep talking up the Red Bulls, something special is bound to happen.

Last week RBNY finally got on the scorecard, via defender Reyes, after going two straight without a goal. This week they have a tough matchup as Lucas Zelarayan and the Columbus Crew come into town for a Saturday night matchup.

Red Bull have looked good on defense. While some may knock their depth, this early in the season we can go to the team’s best 11 and lock it in. Red Bull have allowed only 2 goals, one on a penalty, this season. They have also allowed 21 shots, second in MLS, and have only allowed 2 on target, an MLS best.

The Columbus Crew have a different story on defense this season- allowing 5.1 expected goals, 4th worst in the league. I think these differences are going to be enough for Red Bull to get their first win of the season AND take their first step at righting the wrongs of 2023 and returning Red Bull Arena into the fortress it once was.

Key to the Match-

The attack for Red Bulls still hasn’t found the net in 2023, and it is time for the major contributors from 2023 to step up. While the center-forward position is in flux and has a few players vying for form, we need Luis Morgan (returning from injury) and Luquinhas (returning from the back of the milk carton) to put this team on their back and get up to an early lead.

The whole Red Bull system runs better when players can get relaxed, take risks, and take the game to their opponent. An early goal would be huge for morale and set the game off on the right path.

Match- Chicago Fire host Cincinnati FC
Pick- Cincinnati +170

The Chicago Fire are not a good soccer team right now, as is evident by their return to the bottom of the Eastern Conference leaderboard. To add to their troubles, they will be without Fabian Hebers and Kei Kamara, both on red card suspensions after a tough 1-0 loss to Philadelphia.

Cincinnati beat Seattle Sounders 1-0 last week and really put the league on notice. They have a good team and are in a legitimate trophy hunt this season. This week, they need to win what, for any contender, should be a W added to their season schedule.

Key to the Match-

Cincinnati was touted last season as having one of the top attacking trios in the league- with Luciano Acosta at the 10 joining Brenner and Brandon Vazquez at the striker position. This season, however, only one of that trio has found the scoresheet- there has been but a single Brenner goal.

Let’s get going, boys. If you want to be a shield contender, the season depends on picking up road points against bad teams. +170 is great odds here.

Match- FC Dallas host Sporting KC
Pick- FC Dallas -109

Here is one surprising stat for the week- Sporting KC leads the league with 58 shots. They have yet to score a goal this season.

On the other side of the ball, Dallas has only conceded 2 goals this season and will look again towards a clean sheet this Saturday as they host Kansas City.

This is a straightforward match- Dallas is the better team. Dallas has a great home advantage. Dallas is healthier. Dallas should get 3 points.

Key to the Match-

The attacking trident of Velasco, Arriola, and Ferreira needs to step up and carry a match. Both teams will look to control the ball, but it is up to Dallas to set the tempo and find an early score.

Despite not scoring a goal, Sporting KC has two 0-0 draws and a 1-0 loss- meaning they also only conceded once. Maybe that is the reason this game is only at -109 odds, but it is also a ready I am looking to hammer Dallas this week. The money is too good to turn down.


As always, i80 Sports suggests you check local laws before placing any sports wager. The odds you see here are from legal sports betting outlets in the state of NJ. It is your responsibility to know and to follow the law.

Although we try and give accurate predictions and up-to-date information as we know it, i80 Sports cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information posted on our website. Contact us at if you find information you believe to be incorrect or misleading.

These picks are made in conjunction with information provided and are not influenced by anyone outside the i80 Sports team. While we hope they are correct (and we help YOU have success), i80 Sports, its writers, or contributors cannot be held liable for any gambling losses.

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