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i80 Sports NFL Free Agency Primer

1) Chris Godwin - Wide Receiver - Age 26

Godwin’s production cannot be denied. He tops the i80Sports Free Agency List because of age and productivity. Tampa Bay is unlikely to tag Godwin and unless the Buccaneers re-sign him to the deal he is worth, I can see Godwin going to a team like the Raiders and instantly making the team that much better.

2) Leonard Fournette - Running Back - Age 27

Fournette is towards the top of the Free Agency List for several reasons. His age, his productivity last year, and the choice of teams he will have. Fournette can go to any of the Running Back needy teams in the NFL right now and be an instant 2-3 year fill in. He was bitten by the injury bug late last season but he came back in the playoffs and played like he was never gone. He can go to any playoff ready team now and can make them a contender.

3) Juju Smith-Schuster - Wide Receiver - Age 25

Juju is one of the younger and more talented players on the list. The Steelers are trying to make a push to re-sign Juju since he is one of the best and most productive slot receivers in the league. However, Juju is such a position flexible player that he can be moved all around the field and can fit into almost any offense in the NFL. Kansas City is rumored to also be making a strong push to sign Juju as well.

4) Christian Kirk - Wide Receiver - Age 25

Christian Kirk is one player that has a lot of opportunities to produce only to underwhelm. However, Kirk is only 25 years old and can easily go to a team and reinvigorate his career. He is mostly an outside player but he can also be moved into the slot.

5) Ronald Jones II - Running Back - Age 25

This will be seen as a controversial take but hear me out. Two years ago when Jones had the reins to the offense he produced. There are several teams in the NFL who will be needing a Running Back and Jones has the talent and pedigree to produce. Jones also has age on his side since he will only be 25 years old. Jones is the youngest Running Back on this list and he has the talent to fill in for many offensive systems.

6) Dalton Schultz - Tight End - Age 26

Schultz is rumored to be the target of the Cowboys franchise tag. However if he was to hit the open market he would be the top tight end on the market.

7) Mike Williams - Wide Receiver - Age 27

Williams put together his best pro season in 2021. Williams has always had the tools of a #1 wide receiver but has struggled with staying healthy. However, Williams is still an outstanding talent at the position and can easily go to a team and make the receiving core better.

8) Rashaad Penny - Running Back - Age 26

Penny is like Williams where he has always had the talent to be a successful NFL player but has struggled with health. In 2021 when Penny had the opportunity to be the lead back in Seattle, he showed he could be a force at the position. Penny can be a difference maker if he stays healthy.

9) Mike Gesicki - Tight End - Age 26

This is another player I expect will be re-signed or tagged before hitting the market. However, if the standout Tight End hits the market he would be a great fit in LA where he would be a great compliment to Herbert or Carolina with whoever will be the QB there.

10) DaVante Adams - Wide Receiver - Age 29

Adams in any other season would have been higher on this list. But the 29 year old receiver does not have age on his side with younger and faster players out there. However, because Adams is a big name he will also probably be one of the first players signed, if Green Bay doesn’t re-sign him.

11) Jakobi Meyers - Wide Receiver - Age 25

Meyers is as young as Juju and Kirk and proved to be a great slot receiver. Maybe NE will re-sign him but he could also be a great slot option for other teams as well.

12) Michael Gallup - Wide Receiver - Age 26

News is pouring out of Dallas that Cooper will be out and the Cowboys will make a push to re-sign him. If Gallup does hit the open market he would be a great value receiver that would complement a #1 well.

13) Allen Robinson - Wide Receiver - Age 29

Robinson’s lack of productivity last season was alarming which places him right in the middle of the list and it may have cost him his last big payday in the NFL.

14) David Njoku - Tight End - Age 26

Njoku is also said to likely stay with his team. However, Njoku is a dynamic playmaker that will make other teams better.

15) James Conner - Running Back - Age 27

Conner was the #5 scoring RB in the NFL. He is a short yards player and is a complimentary back who will spell the lead back. But Conner can also step in when needed to take the reins.

16) OJ Howard - Tight End - Age 27

The last Tight End to make the list but he has always been one of the more underrated Tight Ends in the NFL. On the right team Howard will be a great player and great fantasy producer.

17) Jameis Winston - Quarterback - Age 28

You know the QB market is bad when Winston is the first Quarterback on the list, and #17. Winston is the best of the available QB’s and will be a good spot filler if teams can’t get one of the players up for trade.

18) Melvin Gordon - Running Back - Age 29

Despite his age, Gordon was a productive machine in 2021. He is still under 30 and he can probably do what he did in Denver, sign a team friendly 2 year deal where he is a complementary back.

19) Sony Michel - Running Back - Age 27

Michel was a good fit in Los Angeles and I could see him staying on a team friendly deal. But he doesn’t have the durability to be a lead back an entire season.

20) Mitchell Trubisky - Quarterback - Age 28

Another pick that can be easily be scrutinized, I think Trubisky could be the best FA QB on this list and there have been rumors that Pittsburgh and Carolina will be taking a look at him.

21) Odell Beckham Jr - Wide Receiver - Age 29

OBJ was electric in Los Angeles and the Rams will be making a push to sign him. However, if he hits the open market it will be at a discount since he tore his ACL in the Super Bowl and will have a long recovery in 2022.

22) Jameison Crowder - Wide Receiver - Age 29

Another player who is undervalued, Crowder is a fantastic slot receiver who was productive during his time with the Jets. He still has speed and will be a great slot receiver whoever he plays for.

23) Marcus Mariota - Quarterback - Age 28

The last QB to make the list, Mariota has also had connections to teams like Pittsburgh where he will most likely be a 1 year filler for any team that is seeking a QB in the draft.

24) Cedric Wilson - Wide Receiver - Age 26

Wilson is said to most likely be staying with the Cowboys. He is a #2 receiver on any team and would be a great complimentary player with position flexibility.

25) James Washington - Wide Receiver - Age 26

Washington was slept on in Pittsburgh but the Steelers had a 1st round grade on him and he would be a great #2 for any team he plays for.

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