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"This pod should be part of your daily routine if you are a sports fan! Keeps ya caught up on all sports news."

"The i80 Sports Team does a great job of covering a wide variety of topics and keeping fans engaged in NHL news even when its not peak season!"

"One of the best MLS shows! Guys speak truth without sugar coating like the others."

The episodes are short and to the point.  Yet filled with info.  So I can get what I need and roll on the the next one.  Keep it up!

About our Content

As always, i80 Sports suggests you check local laws before placing any sports wager.  The odds you see here are from legal sports betting outlets in the state of NJ. It is your responsibility to know and to follow the law. 

Although we try and give accurate predictions and up-to-date information as we know it, i80 Sports cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information posted on our website.  Contact us at if you find information you believe to be incorrect or misleading.  

These picks are made in conjunction with information provided and are not influenced by anyone outside the i80 Sports team.  While we hope they are correct (and we help YOU have success), i80 Sports, its writers, or contributors cannot be held liable for any gambling losses. 

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